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Warm congratulations LuGong Group Exhibitor 18th CIFIT will
2015-9-11 18:07:54 From : Author : Mr.chen Views : 628 Hits

September 8, 2015, 2015 Xiamen International Investment and Trade Fair and the 2015 International Investment Forum in Xiamen City, Fujian Province opened approximately 50,000 merchants in more than 100 countries and regions participating. This session closely the new situation of global investment, and actively implement the national strategy, focusing latest industry hot hold a series of events, to create investment in the field of high-end exhibition, authoritative forum and big butt, big trade event for the industry to bring an international investment promotion gluttonous feast.






Year after year, "9.8", similar to Xiamen CIFIT, which is one of many domestic and foreign businessmen to seek opportunities in the same choice. Went to the September 8, Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center crowds, the annual gathering of capital opened as scheduled.




The Xiamen Heron Industry Group Co., Ltd. with the company developing trend, as exhibitors will participate in this CIFIT. Since then, the industry in the construction sector has climbed to a new level. Heron Engineering Group is a collection of civil engineering, steel structure, decoration, mechanical and electrical installation, medical purify, as one large integrated construction enterprises. For decades, after the company all staff's unremitting efforts, the industry has occupied a seat in the construction field position, with more than professional design engineers and experienced technicians, and has a well-trained installation engineering team and independent sales service team ?? Since its inception, and constantly seek new development, to undertake a number of provinces and outside the ten major housing construction, municipal, decoration, electrical and mechanical equipment installation, clean design and steel works, has made a number of honorary titles.



The combination of healthy theme of the Expo, Heron Engineering Group is mainly related to the case demonstrated the medical purification, decontamination operating room, ICU decontamination, central supply room clean engineering, dosing center clean engineering, reproductive center decontamination, electronic factories, pharmaceutical Room , food plants, cosmetics factories and other clean projects for clean and healthy lighting color, but also for the investment to open another door.


Golden autumn sunshine beautiful island of Xiamen, visitors were shuttling in and out of the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center Xiamen Fair held, everywhere a shining light of the "golden key." This is the "9.8" logo, now spread from 1997, known as the open door to the world's wealth "golden key."




9.8 "this" golden key "gold still, shine, once again open the door to global wealth in Xiamen, an international investment feast also will be open. Heron Engineering Group hope that through this investment exchange, in the" Golden key "open, open the door to global prosperity also open Heron Engineering Group magnificent future.